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Commonly asked questions

  • Can Body Boss accommodate/ calculate percentage schemes?

    Yes. Coaches have the ability to customize the program and workouts how they want players to do them — by reps scheme and optional percentages scheme. Body Boss calculates the target weights for each player specific to each of their assessments.

  • I like to printout my players' workout cards. Is that possible?

    Absolutely. Build your workouts your way, and track the workouts your way. Body Boss has the ability to print out personalized workout cards for each player, or just specific groups (linemen, midfielders, pitchers, etc.). This way, players know exactly what weight to do rather than wasting time looking up a percentage chart.

  • I'm a Conditioning Coach just as much as I am a Strength Coach, but you look geared only for Strength. Is that true?

    No way! Body Boss tracks Activities -- both Exercises and Speed and Agility Events. With Events, you're able to track based on purely Repetitions, Distance, or Time. So if you're not into Barbell Bench Presses, and more into tracking Shotput throws, 50-m Freestyle laps, or Bodyweight Push-ups, we've got you covered.

  • Can players create, modify, or remove any content from the Fitness Library (i.e. Programs, Workouts, Exercises, Equipment, Muscles)?

    Players are unable to create, modify, or remove any of the Fitness Library content. This is to preserve the accuracy and accountability of players. Coaches have had several years of experience, and have created programs geared specifically to the players. To ensure the workouts are completed to the needs of the team (coaches and players included), only coaches have the abilty to create, modify, and remove any of the Fitness Library content.

  • Can a player edit or delete a workout after it has been submitted?

    Players are unable to edit or delete workouts to preserve the integrity of the player workouts. If you need to edit or delete a workout, just contact one of your coaches. Coaches have the ability to mark your workout as in-progress so the coach or you can go back and edit.

    Note: If you have another workout "in progress", the coach is unable to mark the workout as "in progress". Only one workout for each player can be in the "in progress" status.

  • Why does a player sometimes see only one available workout, even though there are several within the assigned program?

    There is a good chance that the player has started a workout and has not yet submitted it. To view all of your workouts in the program, they will need to either submit the currently in-progress workout (if completed) by clicking on the "submit" button at the bottom of the workout. The player has the option to also delete the in-progress workout, which is also found at the bottom of the workout screen. "Deleting" a workout does not actually remove the workout from the program, rather it erases this current session and allow the player to select another workout.

  • Are target weights calculated for all exercises?

    To ensure safety and accuracy, Body Boss specifies the target weights for major lifts (including Barbell Bench Press, Barbell Clean and Jerk, Dumbbell Chest Flys, etc.). Most auxiliary lifts do not use the smart algorithms to calculate weights (i.e. any exercises involving a cable-pulley systems, machines, etc.).

  • Where can I download the app for Body Boss?

    You can download the iPhone app in the App Store now. Not to be outdone by little brother, we also have our Body Boss iPad app available for download, too! Check it out on the App Store. The Body Boss Android app continues to be improved especially with learnings from its Apple brethren. Download the Body Boss Android app on the Google Play Store today!

  • What if players are unable to bring, or don't have access to cellphones, tablets, or computers in a gym?

    Players have the ability to also print out their workouts. In this case, after a player clicks on the "Start" button for the appropriate workout, they (or the coach) has the ability to export and print the workout in the top-right corner of the current workout page. Players can fill out the printout while in the gym, and then log into Body Boss at a later time to update their progress.

  • What can a player or coach track?

    Body Boss is flexible to complement your program. You can have the players track everything, or you can have them track only the key exercises when assessment period comes. Body Boss fits how you do things.

  • Who inputs the numbers from the workout?

    Coaches or players. However, we believe empowering the players to input their workout results is important as it teaches leadership, accountability, as well as fostering true teamwork ethics. Just like in a game, coaches develop strategies, and let the players execute. With Body Boss, coaches develop the workout programs, and the players execute.

  • If players input the workout results, can they lie?

    It's possible. However, Body Boss has built in the mechanisms to discourage and prevent cheating. We still advise coaches to perform periodic assessments. With Body Boss, coaches can compare what players have put in with the actual performance during the assessment. If players are far off, you know something is wrong.

    Further, we believe in player empowerment. Progress in any sport is not just the physical aspect, it's also a mental and behavorial progression. We've seen players self-police themselves and each other to ensure authenticity of the data. Afterall, no one wants to be jumped on the leaderboard by cheaters. In these situations, you'll see real accountability and leadership by your true star athletes.

  • I'm in the middle of my 6-week cycle program. Can I still use Body Boss or should I wait?

    Body Boss does not stop you from completing your program. Instead, Body Boss complements you and your team. Body Boss enables players and coaches to track performance while gaining valuable visibility into progress. You can start with Body Boss, and start seeing results now rather than wait 2, 4, 6, or however many weeks till the next assessment. Why wait more weeks when the player could potentially reach higher performance with your interaction now?

  • How do you use the "Fitness Library"? How does this fit into the Program?

    We employ what we call the "PWA" (Programs - Workouts - Activities) model where Programs (like Off-season, In-Season, Russian Squat Program, etc.) are made up of one or many Workouts (like Week 1 - Day 1, Tuesday, etc.). Workouts, in turn, are made up of one or many Activities (like Barbell Bench Press, Dumbbell Chest Flys, Dips, etc.). Programs - Workouts - Activities. PWA.