Be the boss and take control of the game

Device Independence

Use Body Boss wherever and whenever

Body Boss' interface is designed for computers, smartphones, and tablets. Coaches and players have the ability to enter workouts from anywhere with internet access. Not able to use a smartphone or tablet in the weight room? You can print out your workout. With Body Boss, your workouts are at your fingertips.



Your team never looked so good

Teams are made up of coaches AND players, and Body Boss is, too. Set up multiple coaches to help manage your team. Add players individually or in bulk through a simple file import. We play team sports — it's about time coaches and players have a tool to work together.



Keep your team organized

Whatever sport your team is playing, your organization is structured how you see fit. Create groups with players and coaches to match your team -- by class, by position, by weight, or any other group you need. Use these groups to filter your roster when searching for players quickly and easily.

Player Profiles

All info in a one-stop-shop

Tired of keeping multiple files just to track your players' birthday, weight, phone number, or even parents' contact details? Player Profiles in Body Boss tracks it all for you safely and securely. Even track recent workouts completed by the player and key stats. Yes, it's that simple and easy to use.

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  • Track progress through activities

    Track players based on strength exercises, or speed and agility events — Reps x Weight, Distance, Time, or pure Reps. So if you're looking to track progress of players for the barbell bench press, the 40-yd dash or 50-m freestyle swim, we've got you covered.

  • Fitness Library

    Body Boss comes preloaded with common exercises, workouts, and programs for quick and easy set-up. Build on top of our library and create your own workout programs to achieve your performance goals.

  • Assign workouts to players

    After building workouts to reach your performance goals, assign the program directly to target player groups. After all, workouts should be tailored to the players because wide receivers aren't linemen.

  • Built-in intelligence

    Our proprietary algorithm works hard in the background so you don't have to. Set the percentage schemes for your workouts, or let Body Boss analyze your players' previous performance and set weight targets for their next workouts. Gone are the days of time-consuming, manual number crunching efforts. We help you focus on the next game, not spreadsheets.

Instructional Videos

Instruct players, even if you’re not there

You can't always be there to instruct your players on how to perform exercises. Instructional DVDs are costly and get lost.  Instead, share and embed your own YouTube exercise videos quickly and easily. Educate your players on proper and safe techniques before, during, and after workouts.



Compete on and off the field

Players are competitive on the field and off. Body Boss ranks players to foster motivation. Whether it's about Absolute Strength, Pound-for-Pound, or Most Improved, competition drives results.

Print Workouts

Workout your way

Workouts can always be submitted on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. But if you like using paper, players can print out their individual workouts or coaches can print out workout cards for everyone. Body Boss ensures players get the workouts you create in the easiest, most effective way.


Performance Data

What gets measured gets improved

Quickly and easily view the performance results of any of your players. Body Boss does the analysis for you so you don't have to work in spreadsheets for each player. Watch for trends in performance because it's critical to know not just about those who improve, but know about those who plateau or worse, decline.

Activity Feed

See workouts as they happen

Coaches and players can view a live feed of workouts once completed. Now, you can see who has worked out and when. As more players submit workouts, teammates are inspired and more motivated to show off their own completed workouts.