Meet the Body Boss team


Brains + Brawn

Darren Pottinger

Darren is the heart, soul, and brain behind Body Boss. As a former high school and collegiate wrestler, Darren has tremendous experience in weight training and fitness. Darren first created Body Boss 2 years ago as an Industrial and Systems Engineering student at Georgia Tech. His ability to comprehend the complex and confusing – that is regression, forecasting, and other mathematical models – has enabled him to build artificial intelligence (AI) into Body Boss. Simply put, Darren is the man behind the machine that helps you get stronger.


Mr. Business

Daryl Lu

Daryl handles all business-related activities for Body Boss, including strategic and day-to-day operations in marketing, sales, legal, finance, and accounting. He's a Jack-of-all-Trades. Daryl has spent the last several years as a Management Consultant at IBM Global Business Services, Chainnovations, and Chainalytics in the area of Supply Chain for major Fortune 500 companies. He is also a fitness enthusiast, having played soccer at Georgia Tech, and currently playing in several leagues across Atlanta. Daryl is also a certified AFAA Personal Fitness Trainer as of 2012.


The Wizard

Don Pottinger

Don oversees all of the technical development for Body Boss including development and management of the application. After earning a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Don spent several years as an IT and Management Consultant at Accenture and Slalom Consulting for major Fortune 500 companies. In the last year he joined Highgroove Studios where he has developed, deployed and scaled web applications for various clients ranging from startups to established teams in large corporations. Don's true skills can be seen on the soccer field, where he is one of Atlanta's most feared strikers.


Pixel Perfectionist

Andrew Reifman

Andrew has been making things that look good and function well for the last 6 years. In his past employent, he has worked at various types of companies, including design consulting agencies, in-house application companies, and freelancing when time permits. Andrew specializes in web, user experience, and mobile design, as well as branding and logo design. Along with the development team, Andrew is also very skilled in the arts of HTML5, CSS, and jQuery. When he's not flexing his creative muscles, you can find him at the gym, hoping to get as buff as Darren.